The Way We Are Curently Diagnosing And Treating Mental Illness Is Not Working Anymore...

"You Suddenly Lose Everything...
What Would You Do From Day 1 To Day 30 To Save Yourself...?"

Exposing Mental Illness Summit 

MAY 14, 2021


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 Keynote Speaker
Dr. Daniel Amen

Discover How The Methods Used At The Amen Clinics Are Changing The Way We Look At Mental Illness. 

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"Exposing Mental Illness" Summit Here: 

"People Are Hurting..."

  • With the COVID pandemic there has been an alarming increase in depression and suicides leading to a New Pandemic around Mental Illness......
  •  In the last year Depression has Tripled and the use of Anti-Anxiety     Medication has increased by 32%.
  • Our old methods of Diagnosing and Treating Mental Illness are not working......

But There Is Hope...

Learn Secrets From Mental Health Professionals Who Are Making A Difference 

And Changing The Way Diagnosis And Treat Mental Illness

Your Host For The 'Exposing Mental Illness' Summit

Dr. Gail Frankle
An RN and Certified Brain Health Professional

On The 'Exposing Mental Illness' Summit, You'll Learn From:


Dr. Eboni Cornish
Amen Clinics - D.C.Metro Area
Dr. Kabran Chapek 
Amen Clinics- Seattle Metro Area
Dr. Shane Creado
Amen Clinics- Chicago Metro Area
The Bi-Directional Relationship Between Sleep and Mental Health Problems
Dr. John "Jay" Faber 
Amen Clinics - Los AngelEs Metro Area
Temporal Lobe/Amygdala-hippocampus connection to Anxiety

Brain Health Professionals

Fallon Jordan
Brain Health Professional Super Coach
The Importance of Home Love in ADHD
Dr. Ruth Mary Allen
Certified Brain Health ProfessionAL
How to Help Empower Children to take control of their Mental Health
Whitney Madden
Certified Brain Health Professional
Acupuncture/Meridians in the Brain
Kathy Gray
Certified Brain Health Professional
The Integrated Pathways Model
Flor Pedrola
Certified BraIn Health Professional
Brain Health and the Corporate World
Barbara Gustavson
Certified Brain Health Professional
Building Inner Resiliency - How to Bounce Back

And It Doesn't Matter Which Type Of Business You Own Either... It's Happening To:

Carpet Cleaners
Financial Planners
Hair Salons
Gym owners
Shop owners
Spa owners
Window Cleaners
RE Investors
Auto Body
Dry Cleaners
Non Profits
Restaurant Owners
And MORE...

Yet, There Is A Group Of Small Business Owners Who Own Local "Brick And Mortar" Style Businesses  

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1 Day Virtual Interactive MHS Event with Dr. Daniel Amen! ⤵ ⤵

12 Sessions with Amen Certified Brain Health Professionals

Access to all sessions for 96 hours after the event.

Speaker Guides and Takeaways From The Summit. 
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1 Day Virtual Interactive MHS Event with Dr. Daniel Amen! ⤵ ⤵

12 Sessions with Amen Certified Brain Health Professionals

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1 Day Virtual Interactive MHS Event with Dr. Daniel Amen! ⤵ ⤵

12 Sessions with Amen Certified Brain Health Professionals

  Individualized DISC Assessment and Debrief
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 Lifetime Access to all sessions 
for the event. (Valued at $632)

 Electrifying Your Life Course (Valued at $997) 

 4 Live calls with Brain Health Experts Guest Speakers! (Valued at $1188)

  3 x 1:1 Coaching Calls 
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Elite Change Your World Mastermind (Valued at $5000)

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To Joining Us By Being A Part Of Helping End Mental Illness! Learn From The Best and Help Radically Transform The Way We Look At Mental Illness
Here’s how confident I am that these superstars can help you achieve your goals and make a difference…

I’m going to GIFT YOU access to all 12 of these rockstars trainings FOR FREE for a full 96 hours!

You’re probably asking yourself…
“Dr. Gail why are you giving me this goldmine for free? What’s up?”
Here’s why I’m doing this.

When it comes to brain health, nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing others learn how to "change their brain, change their life" It’s my passion.

It’s one of the main reasons I created Together Providing Hope help individuals and healthcare providers learn a better way of diagnosing and treating mental illness by including a full history and brain SPECT imaging  studies to make the right diagnosis and treatment plan.

If just ONE of these trainings...just one of the strategies...just one of these speakers gives you the fuel to to look at mental illness differently we can put an end to mental illness. 

Then you’ll recognize the value you’re getting and consider learning how to be a part of the solution to ending mental illness.

I know that the content that will be shared at this Summit is going to make  such an impact that you are going to listen to some or all of the sessions again.

It is my reason for creating this Summit to help you understand that we can change how we look see mental illness and make an positive impact on those who are suffering.

And that’s the thinking behind all of this.

Now, can you go continue the way we always have?  Absolutely.

The rate of depression, anxiety, suicides are growing at increasing levels......why if the past diagnosis and treatment is not working would we not want to learn a better way so we can achieve a better outcome.

If just One physicians, just One of the coaches, just one of these topics give you the fuel ti help yourself, someone you love, your clients, your patients, then my GOAL for this summit has been a success.
“And It’s Because Of This That I Can GIVE YOU These replays for 96 hours free!! 
So, are you ready to dive in?

If so, you need to act fast.

Here’s why:

People are Dying and Lives Destroyed Daily By Mental Illness.

 We cannot End Mental Illness by ourselves. We need action takers like you to join the cause and spend the education you will learn in this summit!

We want to you to learn from the best, invite others to join you in this learning and we are depending on you to take your new learnings and change lives.

None of this, “I don't have time for this now"  or " Maybe another time."

Those are the words of people who think, “Someday…”

But I know that’s NOT YOU.

So to help you get the most out of these trainings and ensure you have the greatest chance for success, I’m going to put your back up against the wall.

I want To MAKE SURE You Watch and IMPLEMENT What You Learn From These Professionals…

So You Get a 96 Hour Pass To Watch Them!

After That, They’re Gone

Now it’s UP TO YOU.

To make this happen, block off the time to DO THIS. Show up at the Summit.

Take notes and put what they share with you into action...

You Can Be A Part of Our Mission To End Mental Illness!!!

This Summit is the beginning Of...
  • Transform how you look at Mental Illness
  • Change your life, or someone else's
  • Live our dream of ending mental illness
Here’s Just a Taste of All The Information You Will Get.....
  • How can we end mental Illness.
  • ​Why continuing to treat Mental Illness without looking at the brain is one of the worst things you can do.
  • ​How toxins could be causing all our symptoms and can be treated.
  • ​Why is Sleep so important to our mental health and wellbeing.
  • ​How does anxiety work and the brain connections.
  • ​The importance of home love in ADHD.
  • ​How can we empower our children to take control of their Mental Health.
  • How  can acupuncture help the meridians in the brain.
  • What is an integrated pathway model to improving our mental health.
  • ​Why brain health is so important in the corporate world.
  • ​How do we build inner resiliency and bounce back.
And That’s Just For Starters!
So that’s it.

96 hours to watch all the sessions and commit.

All you have to do is COMMIT.
  • Commit to REGISTER
  • Commit to SHOW UP
  • Commit to IMPLEMENT
Most importantly, a commitment to YOURSELF to take the reins and be a pert of the movement to End Mental Illness.
No distractions.
No excuses.
No delays.
Here’s your golden opportunity to make a major difference in your life, your families life, your clients lives, your patients lives... 

...and in the WAY you look at Mental Illness.

Once you see what’s in store for you, you’ll never go back.

Can’t wait to see you at the SUMMIT!
Dr. Gail Frankle
P.S. Did you skip to the bottom? No worries. Here’s what you get with your Registration

Full ACCESS for 96 hours to all of the recordings.

You’ll get all the state of the art  history, diagnostic and coaching to help yourself, someone you love, your clients or patients.

So is it ok if we over-deliver?

All you gotta do is REGISTER now.
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And That’s Just For Starters!

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